Mijk van Dijk presents the Xmas 2015 edition of his radio show music 4 the microglobe on BLN.fm, cuebase-fm and XLTRAX.com, as well as on Mixcloud and hearthis.

This is a video for my song  Music 2 Survive performed in my personal “Rabbithole” studio. I wrote the track for the wonderful compilation Refugees Welcome from Switzerland. 

Just a couple of days after the hostile and inhuman terror attacks on Paris, Mijk van Dijk presents music 4 the microglobe on a moody note. He starts with a classic from Paris, for Paris, „Acid Eiffel” by Choice aka Shazz and Laurent Garnier from 1993

I am deeply sad about the hostile and inhuman attacks on the people of Paris. My condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims.My main question now is not, how to retaliate appropriately, but: how can human beings be led so astray to commit such atrocities?LET’S ALL STAND TOGETHER AND BE AS ONE –  AGAINST THE […]

26 years ago on November 9th 1989 the Berlin wall came down. During the late 80’s I was living in Berlin-Kreuzberg not far away from the wall and that strange monument had become a normal part of my life. It was just there and nobody could imagine it would just disappear as quickly as it did. […]

I have been extremely lucky to be born and raised in a wealthy and peaceful country like Germany, to be able to turn my passion into my profession and even travel the world as a music performer. I have made friends in many countries and always have been welcomed with open arms.

1. Enrico Sangiuliano & Frankyeffe – Celebration – Break New Soil 2. Gel Abril – Carpet Sneak -mobilee 3. Harvey McKay & Jay Lumen – Power Chords – Suara

Mijk van Dijk presents the October 2015 episode of his very own radio podcast “music 4 the microglobe”, again with lots of favourites from his recent DJ sets plus a world premiere: Mijk’s musical statement to the recent refugee crisis: “Music 2 Survive”.

This is where to you will find me on October 10th. A huge gathering against TTIP & CETA, in favour of high standards for people’s rights, which will be sacrificed on the altar of so-called “free markets”, when TTIP and CETA will be ratified.