Mijk van Dijk

Producer since 1990
Live-Act since 1990
DJ since 1992
Mijk van Dijk lives and works in Berlin/ Germany.
As bold as ever, House and Techno music has always been at the centre of Mijk van Dijk’s musical universe, the place he calls his ‘microglobe’. Not satisfied with only mixing moving beats and emotive sounds, Mijk is dedicated to spreading a message through song titles, samples and his own lyrics. The idea of a microglobe: sharing ideas and music with people across an ever more connected planet and the facets of electronic music just being audible continents in a world of music continues to shape his artistic imagination.
Throughout a career that now spans 25 years, Mijk has worked with a diverse number of artists, including DJ Hell, Claude Young, Takkyu Ishino, Thomas Schuhmacher, DJ Rok, Toby Izui, Tanith, Cosmic Baby, Namito, Rummy Sharma, Rob Acid, Tom Wax and Martin Eyerer. He has also remixed Moby, Denki Groove, GTO, Frankie Bones, Humate and Emmanuel Top, to name but a few. One of his most acclaimed productions to date – the Marmion classic Schöneberg – was conceived in collaboration with Marcos López.
Mijk has toured worldwide and developed an especially strong bond with fans in Japan, where he released on major and independent labels, such as Sony Music or Frogman Records.
Microglobe is now home to all the different shades of Mijk’s musical style. It began as a project name under which he released his first album Afreuropamericasiaustralica, and now encompasses the radio podcast show music 4 the microglobe.
Announced for  the beginning of 2016 is the new label Microglobe Productions, which echoes the sound and spirit of Mijk’s M4TM radioshow and merges all the influences of his music in one distinctive musical message.
Mijk van Dijk was already called Multi-Mijk by Germany’s leading Techno mag Frontpage in the early 90s. This is now more true than ever before.
A collection of links:
Homepage:    https://microglobe.de
Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/MijkvanDijk
Soundcloud:  http://soundcloud.com/mijk
Twitter:           http://twitter.com/mijkvandijk
YouTube:        http://www.youtube.com/mijkvandijk
Mixcloud:       http://www.mixcloud.com/mijkvandijk
Radio:              https://microglobe.de/radio/m4tm

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