! This must be the longest post title ever so far on my microglobe website and rightly so: my new collaboration EP with label Schönbrunner Perlen head honcho Ken Hayakawa from Vienna is out on Trapez Records from Cologne: the Berlin-Vienna Connection Chapter 1 EP.
I’ve been a fan of Ken’s body of work since long and when I came to Austria for the Fantastic Gondolas party in Lech am Arlberg, we immediately clicked and went to the studio. Our main tune “Song Of The Sirens” grabbed the attention of Traumschallplatten/ Trapez label head honcho Riley and as the EP title suggests we are already working on Chapter 2.
Trapez216_pre-bannerAs it just so happened, Chapter 1 actually has RAVE written all over it.
“Song Of The Sirens” came to life when  Ken introduced that sirenesque sound, after the basic backing track was already there, but lacked that certain something. Our first version started with that siren, the final version however kicks in with a beat for easy mixing. But when I was test-driving it at Sisyphos club in Berlin, I imagined, how lovely it would be to actually open my set with that siren sound. Lucky, that I still had the first demo version on my DJ-stick so that I kicked off with that siren sound and then mixed the final version in. That moment was a perfect “take-the-club-inspiration-to-the-studio-scenario” and we then conceived “Sorrow Of The Siren” basically as a DJ-tool but couldn’t resist  to add some rough industrial breakbeats on top, in order to give the DJ softwares of the world a metronome to produce a proper grid to. And of course for the pure fun of it. Check this in your club next time!
“Ravemaschine” is taking the siren theme to a melodious level, infused with an ass-shaking groove. “CatZone” is the soundtrack to a cat fight in the neighbourhood at night, with a big break that lasts as long until the cat police finally arrives on the crime scene.
Check out the videos on Trapez YouTube channel and SoundCloud
Click here for links to the streaming service of your choice.
And turn the volume UP!

Mijk van Dijk & Ken Hayakawa – Berlin-Vienna Connection Chapter 1 EP – Trapez 216 on Soundcloud

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to treat yourself to the hypnotic videos conceived by Trapez label boss Riley Reinhold. Happy Home-Raving!

Song Of The Sirens



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