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Mijk van Dijk’s Microglobe

Fresh 2

Mijk van Dijk in Freshguide Berlin

I just discovered this nice preview for my DJ gig at Salon zur Wilden Renate together with Frank Muller aka Beroshima and Alex Cliche on Saturday, February 25th 2017.

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Live @ Tekknozid, Oldschool-Set, 18.02.2017

I played live at the Old School Party Tekknozid last Saturday. So much love, so much sweat, it was just great! Thanks to Tekknozid head honcho Wolle XDP

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Tekknozid 2

Live at Tekknozid, 18.02.2017

I’m gonna play an Old School LIVE-Set as LoopZone at Tekknozid on February 18th, just like almost 25 years ago. It’s gonna be all live with hardware machines and no strings attached.

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a glow – perfect – The LSB Remixes

The first single release „Perfect“ of a glow aka Jette von Roth and Mijk van Dijk is now remixed by their friends from the Liquid Sky Berlin collective.

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musotalk logo


I took part at Musotalk Stammtisch today, a live video conference hosted by my friend Non Eric of Lunatec fame. Eric, who had also created a great remix of Marmion‘s track Best Regards is hosting a talk about musical instruments, industry developments and basically full-on spec wars!

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LaLeLu 2

LaLeLu at Humboldthain Club Berlin

Looking forward to play LaLeLu at Humboldthain Club Berlin on Friday, January 27th 2017. That’s tonight, folks. 😉

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I wish us all a better 2017!

My dear friends, 2016 has been quite a rough ride, hasn’t it?

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Sunday Music: Round about Midnight

Just before this Christmas Sunday ends: some midnight vibes from Inge Brandenburg, a true German Jazz Diva from the 60s.Up there with the best!

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Merry Christmas everybody!

It’s the time of year again: Christmas season is here. Back in the early 90s, the discontinued Boom Magazine invited several activists from the Berlin club scene

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Peace 4 All

My dear friends and fans in Germany and abroad, I am still shocked about the horrible assault on the Christmas market at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, an iconic square in the heart of Westberlin, that I know by heart.

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a glow – perfect – The Video

Strange and mysterious things happen in the autumn-coloured forests of Oberhavel in the far north of Brandenburg. Problems shrink and people get lost. Like in this wonderful video

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a glow – perfect EP – roter punkt 004

a glow are singer/songwriter Jette von Roth and DJ/producer Mijk van Dijk from Berlin. Together they produce crackling campfire electronica. „perfect“ is the first single release

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