#lsb_cologne_astrogirlYesterday I had the pleasure to play an ambient live set for my friends at Liquid Sky Cologne. I played some of my released ambient works, some reworks and some unreleased stuff.
First hour was by Moogulator, second by yours truly.
Uli Sigg did the spaced-out video artwork, just like for my video of a glow – monsters
Here’s yesterday’s playlist:
1. Mijk van Dijk – new track 1 – unreleased
2. Mijk van Dijk – new track 2 – unreleased
3. Mijk van Dijk – new track 3 – unreleased
4. a glow – Monsters (Mijk van Dijk Slo Mix) – roter punkt
5. Toneking – Beauty Is Naked – Telepathic Bubblebath
6. Mijk van Dijk – Sound & Thought & Vision (Live Version) – Superstition
7. Microglobe – What Is Space (Slow Live Version) – MFS
8. a glow – Monsters (Live Reprise) – roter punkt

Zen Delay, Devilfish 303, Roland TR-8S, Roland MX-1Which tunes did you like best?
A big thank you to LSB and especially Ümit Han and Uli Sigg for making this possible.
liquid sky artistcollective presentzzz #lsb_TV Cologne – Episode XV on 674.fm
audiovisual experimental live performances.

Here’s what SYNTH ANATOMY has to say about my performance.

Moogulator and Mijk van Dijk live for #lsb_tv
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