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Mijk van Dijk is a DJ, Liveact, Producer and Remixer from Berlin, Germany since 1990.
Purveyor of Techno, House and NuFunk.
This website is his virtual microglobe consisting of all the different colours that Mijk has to offer, for all the different colours out there on our maxiglobe. Hope you “like” it (*hint*)…..

motherfunk42imageSo here it is: the final episode of motherfunk, my monthly Funk radio show on BLN.fm. For the farewell show I uncover the mystery of the music used for the motherfunk intro and outro jingles. Of course I could not resist to play some Level 42 in this 42nd show and to read from „The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy“ about the answer to the question of the meaning of life, the universe and everything else. … Read more

Meet-the-Artists-III… of Hanoi SoundStuff Festival at Goethe Institute Hanoi on Thursday June 10th 2014, 7pm.
While I am on my way to Vietnam, I am looking forward to meet the other artists and YOU. … Read more

mikfunk_myspace…are revived every once in a while, when MySpace sends love letters to make you revisit your old page.  I particularly liked this one, pictures from my one and only mijkfunk Live gig at Maria Club (now MAGDAlena) in Berlin. … Read more

Hanoi-Sound-Stuff-Festival-2014-final-posterI am excited to announce to play in  Vietnam on April 11th, 12th and 13th.
I’m gonna play the Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival 2014 together with Good Guy Mikesh, Micachu, Joakim, Benjamin Schoos and I am looking forward to exciting music, surprising experiences and great food, like on my last visit to Hanoi in December 2009. Keep an eye on this page for further news and posts. ;-) … Read more

01_MusikmesseFrom March 12th to 15th, Frankfurt again hosted the Musikmesse and I went there with Dr. Walker and a mission: check out new gear and promote Liquid Sky Berlin’s Psychedelic Kitchen TV. Here’s what I felt about some of the new great stuff presented there. … Read more

WIRE13_Mijk+DaftyIt’s DAFTY days in my studio in Berlin-Schöneberg. Just recently I co-produced a track with them for Oiran Music, the new Japanese label established by Venus, the owner of Oiran, my favourite bar in Tokyo. It’s called “Oiran-dochu” and is a celebration of going out, meeting people, having fun.
The lyrics have been written by Venus and the song should be out in Japan before summer 2014. … Read more

Flyer MvD_JapanTour2013After my wonderful live performance at WIRE13, I was back for a couple of DJ gigs to Japan at the end of October. After many years I came back to Okinawa on October 26th for club Central. … Read more

Time4Tale - I Don't Care (Mijk van Dijk Remix) - Family GroovesI know Izabela & Silvio Hrabar already for many years. Me and Silvio (who was known as DJ dB back then) already played together on my first tour to Croatia in July 1999. Since then I DJ-ed quite often in and around their beautiful hometown Trogir (close to Split). … Read more

Decade-themixandthetracks“It was 10 years ago today, Tobias Lampe told Mijk van Dijk to play…”
Well, of course this is not about Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it’s about 10 years after 10 years of Superstition.
10 years ago, Superstition released their final compilation, mixed and mashed-up by Mijk van Dijk in a unique “Bastard Pop goes Techno” approach. … Read more

Der Klang der Familie BuchSome of you probably know the book “Der Klang der Familie“, named after the famous track by 3Phase feat. Dr. Motte.
It’s an oral history of the first years of Techno in Berlin, compiled and written by Felix Denk and Sven von Thülen (of Zander VT fame) out of probably hundreds of interviews they did with witnesses of those, including yours sincerely. … Read more

WIRE13_10bFinally I find some time to write about my exciting appearance and experience at the WIRE13 Festival in Tokyo. I was invited to perform on the main stage along with such great artists like Dj Sodeyama, Agoria, Ken Ishii, Westbam, Giorgio Moroder feat. Chris Cox, Takkyu Ishino, Hell, Len Faki, Josh Wink and Sven Väth (in order of appearance). proud to say that Giorgio and me were the only live acts on that stage. … Read more

Hello my friends, just a quick update on a bright and sunny day: my moody track “The City Rain” is now up on YouTube and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. Out on Beatport on September 27th through Parquet Recordings on Solee’s Re:cognition Vol.6 compilation. … Read more