Fascist Groove Thang EPWhen thinking about the PEGIDA movement in Germany, I always have a song by Heaven 17 from 1981 in the back of my head: (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang.

To me it’s the best anti-fascist song ever written because it’s focus is on togetherness.
“Brothers, Sisters, we don’t need this!”

Fascism is AGAINST people. It unites one small group of people (who were  coincidentally born on a certain area of this planet’s soil) against the rest of the children of the Earth.
The best action against Fascism for us is to emphasize that People Are People (like Depeche Mode claimed in 1984).
Whoever can agree on the terms of togetherness of the people, ALL PEOPLE: please join in the chant! Here are the lyrics to sing along.

Everybody move to prove the groove ://

Have you heard it on the news
About this fascist groove thang
Evil men with racist views

Spreading all across the land
Don’t just sit there on your ass
Unlock that funky chain dance
Brothers, sisters shoot your best
We don’t need this fascist groove thang

Brothers, sisters, we don’t need this fascist groove thang

History will repeat itself
Crisis point we’re near the hour
Counterforce will do no good
Hot you ass I feel your power

Hitler proves that funky stuff
Is not for you and me girl
Europe’s an unhappy land
They’ve had their fascist groove thang

Brothers, sisters, we don’t need this fascist groove thang

Democrats are out of power
Across that great wide ocean
Reagan’s president elect
Fascist god in motion

Generals tell him what to do
Stop your good time dancing
Train their guns on me and you
Fascist thang advancing

Brothers, sisters, we don’t need this fascist groove thang

Sisters, brothers lend a hand
Increase our population
Grab that groove thang by the throat
And throw it in the ocean

You’re real tonight you move my soul
Let’s cruise out of the dance war
Come out your house and dance your dance
Shake that fascist groove thang

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a vid of the original 12″ version of the superb Penthouse & Pavement album.
If you guys find a video or audio link, please share it with me so that I can repost it here.

And here are the aforementioned Depeche Mode with one of their best songs People Are People.


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