Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-N0716-0314,_Fußball-WM,_BRD_-_Niederlande_2-14 weeks ago I posted about the World Cup in Brazil.
Now the quarter finals have been played and my 2 favourite teams are still in the contest and might meet in the final, just like 40 years ago in World Cup 1974.
As a son of a Dutch father and a German mother, little Mijki was following both teams, West-Germany and The Netherlands. I was impressed by the great goals of “Bomber” Gerd Müller (picture far left, No. 13) on the West-German side and the elegant game play of cool Dutch midfielder Johan Cruyff (picture 2nd right, No. 14).
When West-Germany and Holland finally met in the final (West-Germany having only lost a group match vs East-Germany), I was kind of torn in front of my families black-and-white TV set, which team to support. Not too long though: with just a minute gone on the clock, following a solo run, Cruijff was brought down by Uli Hoeneß in the German penalty area and the Dutch took the lead from the ensueing penalty by Johan Neeskens before any German player had even touched the ball. (Source: Wikipedia). From that moment young Mijki decided that he wanted Germany to win, which Germany did with a legendary goal by my favourite player Gerd Müller. The Dutch team was the best playing team during World Cup 1974 and maybe the best Dutch team in history and not only the Dutch people deeply believed that Holland should have earned the World Cup in 1974. That they didn’t just nourished the notorious football rivalry between Germany and The Netherlands, which – as a supporter of both teams – made me stand between the lines for years to come. Looking at the seedings of this year’s World Cup, I noticed that this dream final of mine,  after 4 decades of waiting, could be possible again and given that Germany and Holland can prevail in their next matches, it would be finally there.

But first of all, there are the semi finals, where the best teams from Europe will meet the best from South America: Germany will face Brazil in just a couple of hours and Holland with a top-form Arjen Robben will take it against Lionel Messi’s Argentina tomorrow: now could it become much better?
It’s gonna be only the second time, that Germany and Brazil will meet at a World Cup and the Tokyo final from 2002 is still in good memory, when Brazil’s Ronaldo clinched the victory when Germany’s brilliant goalkeeper Oliver Kahn showed his only mistake during the tournament. Actually this only one moment of tragic failure touched the Japanese public so much that Kahn become something like a hero in Japan.

We will hopefully see again a great memorizable match which shall be won by the better team in grand style, with no sad scenes like the evil assault on Brazilian striker Neymar in their match vs. Columbia.
I was asked about my prediction for today’s match by Faze Mag from Germany and I predicted 2 – 1 for Germany. Yu can check predictions of other DJs >>HERE<<.
Yes, dear football god: please let me have my dream final!

In the meantime, here are the highlights of those two memorizable matches.

Germany vs Brazil, World Cup Final 2002

Federal Republic of Germany vs Holland, World Cup Final 1974


Picture: Bundesarchiv/ Wikicommons

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