Dommune 1Yesterday I played a DJ set at DOMMUNE, the famous Japanese DJ web TV. The concept may look similar to Boiler Room, but Dommune is already since more than 5 1/2 years in session and their live video editing stands out so much, it reminds me of It was my third time at Dommune already and once again it was super-impressing.
The whole show was started by DJ MOA of Carizma Records. As so often, my Brother-In-Raw Toby Izui was playing before me. At the end of his set he played a tribute to the late Susumo Yokota. I took over with a tool by Ricardo Villalobos and Butch and after that just played my own tracks for one whole hour: latest productions, some unexpected classics and also a sneak-peek at what’s coming this autumn on my new label microglobe productions.
I also brought my Roland TR-8 and TB-3 boxes for some additional fun moments.
Domo arigato gozaimasu to everybody at Dommune (ドミューン), especially Naohiro-san and all the 26699-something viewers! 😉
The video is already up on YouTube and I’m very glad to share this with you, especially when you did not have the chance to watch it live.
I will write more about my recent trip to Japan soon on this site. For the moment, to stay update with my latest adventures in Japan, please follow my Facebook artist page, I’m updating this whenever there’s the time and chance, also to keep track myself with the wonderful moments happening here.

Playlist Mijk van Dijk DJ Set at Dommune 21.07.2015
1. Butric – Up! – Sei Es Drum
2. Mijk van Dijk – Time Is Now – microglobe productions (unreleased)
3. Superstrobe – The Future (Mijk van Dijk’s Future House Remix) – BluFin
4. Reqterdrumer – Torrent Of People (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Blue Arts Music
5. Mijk van Dijk – The City Rain – Parquet Recordings
6. Mijk van Dijk – Denn Es Ist Wie Es Ist (2015 Rework) – BluFin
7. Mijk van Dijk – We The People – microglobe productions (unreleased)
8. Mijk van Dijk & Rummy Sharma – Restless – BluFin
9. Mijk van Dijk & Rummy Sharma – Impact – BluFin
10. Mijk van Dijk with Tobynation – Sneak Attack – Superstition
11. Mijk van Dijk – Kissen’ And Dissin’ – Superstition
12. Brothers In Raw – Ach-So! – Frogman Records
13. Shin Nishimura – Acid Eye (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Bass Works Recordings
14. Mijk van Dijk & Rummy Sharma – Foxacid – unreleased
15. Mijk van Dijk – Peace 4 All – microglobe productions (unreleased)
16. Marmion vs Romanthony – The Wanderer In Schöneberg – Bootleg

DommuneToby DommuneMOAtoby DommuneMOA DOmmuneMix

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