1995_Yokota With deep sadness I have received the news that Susumu Yokota, pioneering electronic musician, producer, live performer and label owner from Japan has untimely passed away in March this year.
His family did not know in detail about his international career and asked friends from Yokota-san to inform the public about his decease.

Along with Ken Ishii, Susumi Yokota was the first Japanese electronic music producer that I noticed in the European scene. I have had the great luck, to meet Yokota in person several times in the last 20 years.
I always have experienced Yokota-san as a very modest and humble man with a huge artistic mind.
His quiet and calm character enabled him to create some of the most amazing music in history.
I will always remember, how he explained during a dinner in Tokyo, why his definition of House music is that of an “Ebi” (Japanese for: shrimp): the tail is the bass drum, the head is the snare, the feet are the Hi-Hats  and the tentacles are the cymbals (see picture). Hence his alter ego EBI, under which he already released in 1994 his album ZEN on Dr. Motte Space Teddy label which has a very special place in my heart.
Another legendary Yokota moment that I witnessed was his performance at the Love Parade Interference Festival 1994 together with Makoto and my friend Toby Izui at Globus/ Tresor. Here’s my report of that amazing night.
My thoughts are with his family and friends  in these days, especially since I’m going to Japan myself right now.
Yokota-san will remain unforgotten through his amazing music for the world and through his charming kindness for his friends. Let’s keep his memory alive by listening to his timeless music.
Here’s the announcement on Resident Advisor. There you will also find an e-mail address to which you can express your condolences to Yokota-san’s family and friends.
Please do so, if you know and love Yokota’s music as much as I do.More on this: Sublime RecordsPitchfork, Leaf Label

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