Mijk van Dijk B2B Frank Müller at Ralph Ballschuh Birthday 2017cutI’m happy to come back to Salon zur Wilden Renate for a DJ set at Metro, together with Frank Muller aka Beroshima and Alex Cliche at Schwarzer Raum on Saturday, February 25th 2017.
After my spontaneous B2B set with Frank at Ralph Ballschuh’s birthday this January (see photo by Bendeg), I’m even more looking forward to this event. Metro is Michal Ziętara‘s party series. He also repaired my UDG-DJ trolley in his famous DJ-Trolley Pitstop Station. Very much recommended!
I will try to take all the love from last Saturday’s Old School Tekknozid Party and transform it into a DJ set with my latest promos and productions.
Hope to see you around!

Metro_WIldeRenateFacebook Link
Resident Advisor Link

Other DJs of the night are:
GRÜNER RAUM: hosted by Hinterhof Bar Basel
Timnah Sommerfeldt /// hinterhof, home
Jamie Shar /// hinterhof basel
Liebkind /// hinterhof

Homeboy /// house is ok, burek
Tom Select /// lärm, girls and mathematics
AMIN /// leveldva

DJ Sonar /// format analog

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