tekknozid2I played live at the Old School Party Tekknozid last Saturday. So much love, so much sweat, it was just great!
Thanks to Tekknozid head honcho Wolle XDP, for whom I played already almost 25 years ago at Wizzzard and Tekknozid X. A big thank you also to the DJs Tanith, Olivier Abbeloos, ED2000 and everyone at super-packed Club Griessmühle, you really made my night.
Many of you asked for a recording of my set and here it is, live from my stagemixer.
Unfortunately my microphone created heavy feedback so that I refrained from using it and could not perform with vocals just as I planned it. Next time, baby! 😉
I hope you enjoy my live set. Only tracks from my first EPs as LoopZone or 9-10-Boy with Tanith and some unreleased tracks with samples from the attic (aka floppy discs).

Mijk van Dijk live at Tekknozid, 18.02.2017

I’m waiting for more pictures to come in.
In the meantime here’s some video footage for you, thanks to René Meier.
You can hear and see my LoopZone tunes Sex Machine Man, Natural High and Home Is Where The Hartcore Is, played live and direct, with sampler, sequencers and drum machines. No laptop!
Mijk van Dijk playing LoopZone live

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