YamahaDX100adPeter Kirn of createdigitalmusic.com pointed me on this wonderful advert for the Yamaha DX100 synthesizer, a truely iconic piece of music instrument history. The “Solid Bass” sound found in the Yamaha FM 4-operator synths like the TX81Z, the FB-01 or the DX100 made songs like Lil Louis French Kiss and Blackout as well as Format’s Solid Session and of course Marmion’s Schöneberg. This synth has also been heavily used by the first and second wave Detroit guys (Strings) and throughout early House & Techno. Since it has been leaked that the late Roger Troutman loved to use the DX100 with his Talkbox for those iconic Zapp vocals, demand for second hand DX100’s has reportedly been going through the roof. Looks like people wanna buy that sound to create the music that inspired them.
But: why did we all use it, “back in the days”?
Because we knew it would be a future classic?
Because it was the best synth available back then?
Hell, no! 😀
Just because it was cheap. And it was available. And it was inspirational.
Because you can create great music with ANYTHING!
So go out and find your own inspirational synth and work it.
But first: please enjoy this 80s flashback ad. 😉
More iconic 80s synths advertisents >>HERE<<!

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