MijkTobyYokotaInterferenceFestivalBerlinThis Sunday I give you an original recording from Kiss FM Berlin, transmitting the Interference Festival during Love Parade 1994 at Tresor  – yes, 20 years ago Kiss FM was not yet playing just R&B, but also R&S… 😉
I was jumping in for moderation of the Interference Event for Ellen Allien‘s Brain Candy show for some hours.
I was so lucky to experience the superfreaky live performance by Yokota and Makoto on Globus Floor.
“Professor Yokota” was gracefully playing his Juno 60 while Makoto was treating all kinds of electronic devices like a mad shaman in trance. Meanwhile Toby was enjoying the scene from the DJ booth, occasionally dropping in some heavy metal music scratches. One of the most intense concerts I’ve ever attended. 

Makoto2After that I was running to the Kiss FM bus asking them if they had transmitted and recorded the concert.
They looked at me like I was mad, asking: “What? THAT noise? No, we are transmitting DJ Antaro from Tresor floor since the last hour.”
The moderation is actually very calm, I don’t know if this was due to technical problems.
But when I posted this on my Facebook Page before, I noticed that people actually liked that kind of “Ambient Presentation”. What do you think?
So at least here’s that picture of my interview with Yokota-san and Toby-san.
More pictures from Interference Festival on the official Facebook Page.

Brain Candy Special TRESOR INTERFERENCE LoveParade 1994 – Kid Paul & EllenAlien – Kiss FM by Dergehoermasseur Aka Frankbpm on Mixcloud

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