Wanderer in SchönebergRemember the time, long before Soundcloud, Traktor and Ableton, when DJ mixtapes were still special?
Raw recordings from a night in a club with no strings attached, copied and shared tape by tape like secret knowledge.
When Marcos Lopez and me aka Marmion heard a mixtape in the early 90s, there was that one wow-moment at the end of the mix: a mash-up of our tune “Schöneberg and Romanthony‘s “The Wanderer“, both released in 1993.
The mash-up (and that term did not exist yet back then) sounded perfect, Romanthony’s vocals floating over the Marmion track in perfect pitch, brought together with nothing else than 2 turntables and a mixer by Wolfgang Koch, one of Hamburg’s unsung DJ heroes.
Years later in 2007 a bootleg vinyl appeared with a mashup almost like the one on the Wolfgang Koch mix tape. I loved this bootleg since it brought back great memories to that magic moment back in 1993. This is a recording from that vinyl bootleg.
On May 7th 2013 Romanthony sadly died at the age 45.
I post this to pay respect to the great late Romanthony. His influential productions on Azuli Records as well as his own imprint Black Male Records will never be forgotten, his vocal contributions, especially to Daft Punk’s “One More Time” are timeless pieces of music forever.
R.I.P. Romanthony!

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