AfreuropamericasiaustralicaI’ve been wondering all my life, why people hate people that they don’t even know.
Why do people fight each others, instead of clinging together and working with each others for a better living for everybody on this planet?
In the end it all comes down to suspicion and mistrust.
I guess it’s that ancient fear of the dark, the fear of the unknown, which makes us feel suspicious since our childhood.
I’ve been writing and talking about this already 20 years ago in the track Fear Of The Unknown on my Microglobe album Afreuropamericasiaustralica, originally released on MFS Records Berlin in 1995.

I always thought that lyrics should be saying more than “I Love You” or “It’s A Beautiful Day”.
And vocals in Techno and Electronica don’t need to be just the same old samples from old Funk-and-Soul records over and over again.
I want to make music to say something.

“Keep destroying what you don’t understand.
You will destroy yourselves, in the end…”
Actually one inspiration to these lyrics was once again Douglas Adams’ great book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and his description of  the inhabitants of planet Krikkit, (in the book: Life, the Universe and Everything) who want to destroy the whole universe, coz they were so narrow-minded that they could not bear the fact that there’s an infinite universe out there.
I feel that there are many people out there who would rather  reject the new that encounter it.
Please allow me to post this old tune once again and expect more new tunes from me this year with beats for your body and words for your brain.

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