Finally the COMPLETE TV documentation about a typical weekend in the Berlin techno scene from 1993 is online. Some of you might know the video on Google.
Well, that is NOT the complete version, the first 2 minutes are missing.
Witness a typical DJ day at legendary Hardwax record store in 1993. Can you spot young DJs Rok, Tanith, Ellen Allien and Mijk’s Marmion partner Marcos Lopez? 😉
Check a night at Bunker, hosted by DJ Tanith.
Watch all 3 parts on YouTube. Enjoy!

_wsb_167x125_TechnoCityBerlin1993Part1_wsb_164x125_TechnoCityBerlin1993Part3 _wsb_168x125_TechnoCityBerlin1993Part2
Part 1                                              Part 2                                            Part 3

Technocity Berlin 1993 Doku full version

TechnoCity Berlin Teil 1

The complete Techno City Berlin Documentation on Vimeo

Technocity Berlin 1993 Doku full version from COXBOX on Vimeo.

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