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Mijk van Dijkが80年代の日本シティポップを発表Vol.2  –  Sunshower Mix

Mijk van Dijkが80年代の日本シティポップを発表Vol.2 – Sunshower Mix

Mixcloudで私の最初のCity Pop Mixを聞いてくれてありがとう。 (-_-) 新しいものをアップロードしました:Vol.2 - Sunshower Mix! \_(ツ)_/¯ 夏をお楽しみください! (^o^)// (Picture by Gra-chan on location in Tokyo-Gotanda) Mijk van Dijk presents Japan CIty Pop of the 80s Vol.2 - Sunshower PLAYLIST 1. Taeko Ohnuki -...

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Kaga Festival Japan

Kaga Festival Japan

Apart from appearances at DOMMUNE and Oiran Warm Up Radio Show my main occupation on my 30th tour to Japan was my first ever gig at Kaga Music Festival, a beautiful little music extravaganza in Ishikawa prefecture at the Japanese Sea. It's an onsen festival, so taking...

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