stylecouncilPfhhhh, such a hot day today in Berlin. And here’s my perfect soundtrack for a lazy hot sunday afternoon: The Style Council’s Long Hot Summer with it’s super-elegant bass line and floating arpeggios and of course the golden voice of Paul Weller.
In the 80s I was a very devoted Style Council fan. I loved their overall attitude that style and a certain hedonism do not interfere with a left-winged political attitude and street-smart education. In those years I was reading Oscar Wilde and played the bass in a band with German lyrics called Jetzt!, a kind of predecessor to bands like Blumfeld and Die Sterne. And while our singer Michael Girke was clearly Paul Weller-influenced, I saw myself in the Mick Talbot position (our drummer Oliver Mills of course was clearly Steve White).
And here’s how we sounded like.
Some of the experiences of that time echoed far into my electronic work. Like the need to express meaningful philosophical or even political messages through my music and certain samples that I took from extraordinary non-electronic music sources. And of course I cited The Style Council when I called my remix of High On Hope The Long Hot Summer Remix, since 1992 was such a long hot summer as well.
And now sit back, relax and listen to The Style Council and hope for another long hot summer!
Click on the embedded video below or follow this link to Musu-TV for a nice playlist of more Style Council.

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