Waiting_for_Cousteau_Jarre_AlbumI still remember very well, where I heard Waiting For Cousteau by Jean Michel Jarre for the time. On one of my first tours with MFS Records we were driving through the scenic mountainside between Austria and Munich. It was September 19th 1992 – a Sunday. The night before I had performed live at Homeless Performance in Salzburg and now Marcos López, Mark Reeder, Torsten Jurk and myself were on our way to Munich to play at Babalu Club. Marcos and me were dozing on the backseat, when Mark Reeder put on a tape with Waiting For Cousteau and turned it really loud. Since this track is no more or less like a humming and plinkering for a ¾ hour, it felt like we were floating on a cloud of sound through the stunningly beautiful foothills of the mighty Alps. This is music that surrounds you with a gentle and cozy embrace. To me this is the perfect definition of Ambient Music.
Of course I only refer to the title track here: the other tracks on this album are not my cup of tea. Not really…

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