MK Naomi Sessions liveAs most of you might or should know I am part of the Liquid Sky Berlin collective and good friends with LSB head honcho Dr. Walker of Air Liquide fame.
Liquid Sky Berlin is the home for all kinds of disturbing and distorted electronica, but also has a beautiful ambient side to it, especially when Sense from Australia is involved.
In February they released the project The MK Naomi Sessions, which is digitally available via xxc3 on Amazon and iTunes.
Today I would like to treat you with a live recording of the MK Naomi project, straight out of the Liquid Sky Berlin labs, that you can enjoy on Mixcloud or YouTube.
And although the music may sound sweet and beautiful at times, there’s a dark secret behind the project name. Hint: Naomi Campbell or Naomi Watts are not involved.
On a rainy afternoon like today, dark Ambient does not get much better than this.

ADSX, Sense & Dr. Walker – The MK Naomi Sessions on Mixcloud

Adsx.Sense.Dr Walker – MK-Naomi live @ Liquid Sky Berlin / #chilloutberlin special by Liquid Sky Berlin on Mixcloud

ADSX, Sense & Dr. Walker – The MK Naomi Sessions on YouTube

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