cover_MankindUnited-EPI’m excited to announce my next release on BluFin Records from Cologne: the Mankind United EP, once again with my man from New Delhi Rummy Sharma and again conceived in both of our studios. This is BluFin catalogue number 200.
While the flip side Catpower is inspired by a meoawing synth sound and Rummy’s and my love for cats, the title for the main track Mankind United is clearly chosen to shine a light in the darkness of these days, where humanity and common sense have become very fragile again. Instead of fighting each others in the gutter of society, we the people of the microglobe should rather be united to face the challenges of a future like environmental pollution, xenophobia and violent conflicts that are being pressed on us in the name of nationalism, cold economic rationalism and fanatic religious beliefs.
Musically, this track like some others that I’ll be releasing in the first half of 2016 marks my regained interest in harder Techno and although that specific sound of my faithful Devilfish-303 may ring an old school bell in some of you, it’s the dense and slightly disharmonic atmosphere that I love most about this track.
I have played „Mankind United“ to enthusiastic crowds already and I hope that you guys will love it too.
Get it at Beatport or your favourite webshop.
First DJ feedback is enthusiastic too. Thank you!
Kaiser Souzai: Amazing EP! Mankind United is a banger! Full support! Rating: 5/5
Wollion: Klarer Hit!!! 🙂 Rating: 5/5
Harry Avers: Excellent! Mankind United is really awesome. Rating: 5/5

Update: I just noticed still videos on MyVideo.
Click here for Mankind United and Catpower.

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