I'll Be The Hatchway For YouI’ve been proudly releasing stuff on BluFin from Cologne already since years. While I was sitting in the studio with my man from New Delhi Rummy Sharma, mixing our future release for BluFin, label head Andrea Engels send us a couple of tracks to choose for a remix. While Rummy picked the next single by Tobias Lützenkirchen and created a smashing remix, I picked the track “I’ll Be The Hatchway For You” without knowing the name of the artist,because I loved the keyboard sequence and wanted to create a deeper atmospheric version with less vocals.
Turned out that I picked the next single by DJ Hildegard. Out now on Beatport and other stores.
And here it is for your listening pleasure.

Promotional text:
Take the best of Ibiza, all the clubs of ibiza, allthe big nights there, take all of that, put it under one roof and you can imagine to play this track on a Festival or Open Air.Music should also help people to escape , should be somethimg mystical that gets you OUT of where you are right now … and dream..Hopefully Hatchway has take you out of the window for a short time ..and dream even its still cold in Cologne, we feel the summer is coming ..more deep and minimal comes the Remix by our berlin based mate Mijk van Dijk, and a really deep version on top by Meave de Tria & J2M, thereafter for the cocktail …

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