Just back from my exciting tour in Vietnam (travel report soon!) I was right back in the studio again to finish 2 remixes in time.
Remix number one is for the amazing Billie Ray Martin, whom I admire since I saw her perform with her Berlin bands “Billie & The Deep” and “Idiot Cards” back in the late 80s. She left Berlin for London, to sing and perform with S’Express and Electribe 101 and is truely one of the few true divas of electronic music.
Now she is again a confessing Schöneberger and I am more than happy to finally collaborate with her by remixing her superb cover version of David Bowie’s song “After All” (yet another part-time Schôneberger during the 80s).
Billie Ray MartinShe played that song to me while we were having our occasional chit-chat in one of those nice cafés around Goltzstrasse. She has been recording the original during her “Soul Sessions” in London lately and the opportunity to touch both her voice AND a song by David Bowie just appealed to me.
I did a full vocal remix version (since only a dork would not embrace BRM’s vocals) and a dub version, which focuses on the line “live to your rebirth and do what you will” which corresponds with my current contemplation about birth, death and the time spend in between.
Both mixes are approved and should be out soon, learn more on Billie’s Facebook page or watch this space.
And BTW: if you ever felt you would like to have Bille Ray Martin in your studio – at least sonically, here’s your chance: she produced and approved this terrific vocal sample pack. BRM 4 Sale. Now could you ask for more?
More about my other remix, once again for Family Grooves from Trogir/ Croatia >>HERE<<.


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