RIP Frankie KnucklesWhile I first thought, that the sad news about the death of Frankie Knuckles were a very bad-tasted April fool’s joke, now the certitude is sinking in, that we have lost one of the very first true pioneers of electronic dance music (nope, I won’t say “EDM”). Where would we be without Frankie Knuckles, The Warehouse, House music?Word has it, that Frankie Knuckles often used to play the sound effect of a bypassing train in the peaktime of his DJ set, letting people go mental in conjunction with the music he chose so masterfully when there was yet not definition of what we know now as “House music”. The name “House Music” was not pushed by Frankie himself, it was invented by the people who were looking for a name for the unique mix of disco, funk and electronica, mixed with sound FX and a 909 drum machine, that Knuckles played in the Warehouse club as a DJ. So they would call it “the music they play down the House” or just “House Music”.

Here’s a great article on Frankie Knuckles and I’m sure you can find many others on the world-wide-web that shine a light on the Godfather of House Music, who shall never be forgotten, as long as we jack to the sound of House.
And – while working by myself on a remix of a song by the great Billie Ray Martin, I feel like posting the magical Frankie Knuckles Remix of Billie’s famous ex-band Electribe 101: “Talking With Myself”.

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