Illuminati Bitch Remixes (Mastered)Mijk van Dijk remixes Notic Nastic, the multi-national electronic collective from Berlin and New York City.
Illuminati Bitch. So who is Notic Nastic?
Musicnewsblog UK discribes them like this:
“For those who don’t know, Notic Nastic are an electronic music machine who are anonymous, and all we know about them is that they comprise of a group of neon fantasy geeks from Berlin and New York.
Based in Berlin, this eclectic mix of contributors create music that has been described as popped out and pumping yet strangely addictive sounds that are akin to electronic bon-bon’s. Their speciality is twisted vocals against a backdrop of freaky beats that are then displayed in live set that hot, hard and above all happy.”
Now available on Beatport, Bandcamp and other download stores.
And check the supernice video!

Also check the interview feature with Mijk van Dijk and Notic Nastic’s singer Gillion, talking about Illuminati Bitches, in a toilet in Berlin.

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