Blue Arts Music 10th Anniversary CompilationOut today: The Night Is Young, my new track on the Blue Arts Music 10th Anniversary Compilation, compiled by label head DJ Tomoya from Fukuoka/ Japan.

The night is full of promises for those who are young at heart and mind, because every given night, anything can happen. Or nothing at all.
Originally conceived at the Liquid Sky Berlin Lab in the aftermath of a session with Dr. walker. Also on the compilation: Japanese stars like Ken Ishii, Hiroshi Watanabe , Iori Wakasa , Satoshi Fumi, Sakiko Osawa, Sugiurumn, Sakiko Osawa, Lady Citizen, DJ GrujA, Akira Kawarazaki, Tetsuya Hikita,  MOKS and of course label head DJ Tomoya aka  Reqterdrumer.

Mijk van Dijk – The Night Is Young

Here’s the Tracklisting:
01 Ethno (Ken Ishii Remix) / Satoshi Fumi
03 Tessallate / Sakiko Osawa
04 Reconstruct / Lady Citizen
05 Ethno / Satoshi Fumi
06 Solaris / Iori Wakasa
07 operation (Hiroshi Watanabe Remix) / MOKS & Reqterdrumer
08 Abyssal Plain / Ken Ishii  *CDのみ収録。配信予定なし
09 One For The Road / DJ GrujA
10 The Night Is Young / Mijk van Dijk
11 For K (Tetsuya Hikita Remix) / AKIRA KAWARAZAKI

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