Mijk van Dijk by Marie Staggat-3837_instaThe wonderful Marie Staggat has shot new artist pictures of yours truly and they are beautiful.
I’ve had an artist photo session with young Marie already once back in 2008,  and they are still a favourite of promoters and magazines, when they create flyers and editorials about me.
In the meantime Marie has made herself an impressive name as a much requested photographer of DJs and artists with a special bond to Detroit, which is displayed best in the book 313ONELOVE, a photographic homage to the Techno artists and music from Detroit. If you want to know more, read her interview for German mag GROOVE (in German language).
So now a dozen years later it seemed to be about time to get back together again and do a fresh shooting in Potsdamer Platz Bahnhof, which already once was a photo location for my artist pictures in the year of 1999, when the station was still in the making. I find it interesting to revisit places and scenes many years later and discover new aspects that fit my life in the now! I even pulled out that old Schöneberg shirt, that I already wore on my first photo session with Marie 12 years ago.
I hope you can see one of those pictures soon on a flyer for a party near you. 
Probably not the featured picture of this article, since I look a bit grumpy there. But If you look closely  you can see Marie mirrored on my shirt. Cool, right?!


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