Somehow 2016 feels vicious so far: public icons die at the age of 69, war and terror everywhere, the gaps are widening between the rich and the poor, North and South, East and West and nobody knows a way out of this misery, but everyone is busy posting, who’s to blame for this mess. These are strange times we are living in and maybe that’s why I picked such melancholic and dark music for the January edition of music 4 the microglobe. But off course there will be euphoric moments too, coz we must not lose hope.

The world needs less hate and more love, and only we can bring a change, because we are the microglobe.

Mijk van Dijk DJ Mix January 2016 as heard on music 4 the microglobe

 English version as heard on cuebase-fm & XLTRAX on January 21st 2016

1. Sub Human Bros – Shb12001b – Sub Human Records
2. Autotune – Alemaloca – Dantze
3. Titan Road – Over The Moon – Smiley Fingers
4. Daso & Pawas – No Lead (Chymera Remix) – Soulfooled
5. Curses – Infinity Maker – OFF Recordings
6. Claus Casper & Jean Philips – Pandora – Definition Music
7. Ming – One For All (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Turnbeutel
8. Leman & Dieckmann – Threshold – Lost Diaries
9. Dense & Pika – Lack Of Light – Hotflush Recordings
10. Maxime Dangles – Perpektiv – Break New Soil
11. Amentia – L’Aventure Des Plantes (Less Hate Remix) – Amselcom
12. Uakoz & Alex Lentini – Don’t Leave (Dubspeeka Broken Speaker Remix) – Terminal M
13. Grad_U – Thermodynamic Bypass (Hexagonal Cloud Pattern Remix) – Arts Transparent
14. Toni Rios – Body Talk (Lui- & Arialdo Remix) – BluFin
15. Kris Davis – Petroleum – Connaisseur
16. Steve Parker – Sirius – Planet Rhythm
17. Autotune – Alemaloca (Looped Reprise)

Showtimes on Thursday January 21st 2016: (German presentation): 18:00h CET
cuebase-fm (English presentation): 21:00h CET  (English presentation): 23:00h EDT

Pssst: download the DJ mix at
(Foto: Cover – Amentia – L’Aventure Des Plantes – Amselcom 2016)

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