RefugeesWelcomeCompilationI have been extremely lucky to be born and raised in a wealthy and peaceful country like Germany, to be able to turn my passion into my profession and even travel the world as a music performer. I have made friends in many countries and always have been welcomed with open arms.
That’s just one reason why I engage myself in a refugee welcome initiative in my neighborhood.
The refugees coming here on their quest for a better life, safe from war or persecution deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Like I already said in my song Home on my Microglobe album Afreuropamericasiaustralica 20 years ago:
“You belong, where you wanna be, you belong where you can be happy, you belong where life is good!”
I am very shocked that there are far too many people in Europe who claim to defend the values of our culture by agitating against the poorest of the poor or even attacking them.

My firm belief is that this current state of hostility will lead to a brutalization of our society, which will poison our culture for generations to come, sparked by those who claim to defend our values. This is something we all need to prevent in the spirit of House music and global understanding.
That’s why I am proud to be part of the wonderful compilation Refugees Welcome, which might not earn big money in those times of music purchase decay, but hopefully reach the hearts and minds of you guys out there.

When Manuel Mind asked me to give a track for that compilation I first thought to give an already existing one. But when I returned from jogging the next morning, my brain was overflowing with ideas and I sat down and produced this tune. I had lyrics on my mind dealing around the question, which items I would pack in my own bag, when I had to escape Germany because of war or other catastrophes, just like those refugees coming to Europe this year – a question that I asked my Facebook followers already earlier this year. And of course I would need my smartphone: for navigation, for information, for communication and of course to listen to music. I need music in my life and that’s why I need Music 2 Survive.

I am very pleased that my friends Dr. MotteSuperstrobeThomas P. Heckmann Ramon Zenker have also contributed tracks for this great cause. All the profits from the sales of these tracks – minus the 15% Bandcamp fee plus the PayPal commissions – will go to organizations which help refugees in the actual situation, be it in the refugee camps in Turkey, Libanon or Jordan, be it on the balcan route leading to Europe.
So please sit back, relax, listen and buy this!

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