Mijk got a brandnew bag. “I just felt that I finally had to follow my first love in electronic music, which was the Boogie Funk of the early 80s and of course Prince, Prince, Prince.” Before House music, he played the bass in local Funk bands.
So Mijk started a party series called “funkit” in Berlin, formed his Funk band project The Chaenge with Florian Schirmacher on FormResonance Records, established his very own radio show motherfunk on and now presents the first EP on his own digital imprint nuFunkFiles (or in short: nuFF).
With his project mijkfunk he merges his visions of 80s Funk, 90s House and 00s Electro blended with a bit of R&B and Hip Hop and picks up that bass again. Feel it!

The first release on nuFF sets the pace for things to come. mijkfunk presents an EP with a title track full of musical and lyrical attitude. Have our friends become just digital avatars in a world where the internet community networks seem to have taken the place of physical social intercourse? A red-hot topic boiled up by Jette von Roth’s alluring and powerful vocal performance. „Boogie Down“ and „Autumn Girl“, two tracks for the NuFunk dancefloor, define the sound vision of nuFF: beats, bass lines and poly synth chords ! The forth track „Skintight“ intentionally slows it down to a sexy 99 bpm bump-n-grind groove, displaying the other side of mijkfunk. Topped with a radio friendly version of „Are Friends Digital?“. This is a tight start. You Dig ?

1. Are Friends Digital?
2. Boogie Down
3. Autumn Girl
4. Skintight
5. Are Friends Digital? (Radio Version)

All songs written, produced & performed by Mijk van Dijk except vocals on “Are Friends Digital?” performed by Jette von Roth.

And the first press reactions on nuFF 001 are totally sweet.
Bleed wrote a really nice review for De:Bug (in German language), saying somthing like this:
“Mijk van Dijk? Really. I am surprised. And excited. The tracks really have an own vision, somewhere at the edge of Elektro and pull through their very own version of warbling Funk in such a good and elaborated way that one has to admit them to be one of the most unique pop blueprints out of Germany this year. And the magic downtempo hit “Skintight” which is one of the hymns of the year for me. I still don’t get it.”

Available only digital!

nuFF said: “Thank you!”

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