DJsetscomIn 2001, DJ-Mix-CDs were still the hot shit and asked me and my dear friend Toby Izui to contribute 2 DJ mixes to their series of city mixes, where one DJ from Berlin would partner with a DJ from another influential Techno city.  Other mix compilations would feature sets by Marco Remus & DJ Rush (Berlin/ Chicago), DJ Rok & Claude Young (Berlin/ Detroit),  Miss Yetti & Marco Bailey (Berlin/ Bruxelles), Frank Müller & Angela Flame (Berlin/ Singapore) and André Galuzzi / John Selway (Berlin/ New York). head honcho Hannes Hoffmeister put a lot of work into the promotion of his DJ mix series until the internet and free online mixes killed the business of commercial Mix-CDs.
I did the DJ mix at home with 2 Technics 1210s, 2 Pioneer CDJ-50s,  a Roland MS-1 Minisampler and a Korg Electribe ES-1, that just served with it’s delay function for sound effects like that JFK drop in the beginning.
But of course the main thing with ANY DJ-Mix is the track selection – and I am still pretty happy with it.


1. Marmion – Telepathic’s “First Contact” Inspiration (Fred Gianelli Remix) – Superstition
2. Vincenzo – The Way Of Thinking – Dessous
3. Mijk Van Dijk & Namito – Dance-A-Pella – Confused
4. Samuel L. Session – Centrafrique Part 2 – Cycle
5. Gary Martin – Black Forest – Teknotica
6. Technasia – Evergreen III – Technasia
7. Monika Kruse @ Voodoomat – Stringrise – Terminal M
8. Jay Denham – Smoker’s Delight – Mechanism Industries
9. Don Williams – Resounded – Tokomak
10. Christian Morgenstern – Hawaii Blue (Heiko Laux Mix) – Forte Records
11. Takeichiro – Vass – Plusquam Records
12. Joel Mull – Midmelantonik – Superstition
13. Härter – Too Close To Call – Confused
14. Icarus – Descent – Jericho
15. John Tejada & Arian Leviste – 2 Speakers Dream – Palette Recordings
16. Subvoice – Subvxxx A-1 – whit label
17. Laurent Garnier – Greed (Fabrice Lig Remix) – F-Com
18. Tone King – Pneu – Cyberfugu
19. Frankie Bones – My House Is Your House (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Bash Again
20. Technasia – Peach Flower – Technasia
21. K-Jim + Y-Bot – Summer And You (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Grand Casino

Essential Underground Vol. 01: Mijk van Dijk

Essential Underground Vol. 01: Toby Izui

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