I did a Techno mix at the end of March straight from my studio and since I’m not streaming this weekend, I thought I should share this with you. Lots of tunes that I love, from the harder side of Techno.
At the end I’m introducing a few new tunes of mine, including my new EP “Thinking 4 U” (out on microglobe NOW) and a hopeful final with “Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt”, my contribution to the Mille Plateaux “Ultrablack Of Music” Compilation. Can you guess, which original song of mine I mangled through the wavetables?
The premiere on YouTube is on March 16, 22:00 CET

So enjoy that mix and with much respect to the other artists, here’s the
1. Air Liquide – Liquid Air 2020 – Blue
2. FJAAK – Phonox – FJAAK
3. Ben Teufel – Denkma (Agent Orange DJ Remix) – Prospect Records
4. Mijk van Dijk – Wilde Jagd – Force Inc Music Works
5. Avgusto- Oltrverso11 – Struktur
6. Ackermann, Raphael Dincsoy & Vinicius Honorio – Gangster – Liberta
7. Johannes Volk – Soldered Minds – made of concrete
8. Troy – Urge – Clockworks
9. Prosdo – Decim808 – Beaufort Beats
10. Charlotte de Witte – Vision – Figure
11. Akoriz – Crash – Kneaded Pains
12. XAB – White Pearl – Trapez
13. Michael Klein – Bite – Second State
14. Mark Greene – Hombre – Ballroom Black
15. Uto Karem & Hollen – Code Black – Agile Recordings
16. Galcid – Bucket Relay (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Force Inc Music Works
17. Mijk van Dijk – Thinking 4 U – microglobe
18. Mijk van Dijk – Created By The Bass – microglobe
19. Mijk van Dijk – Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt – Mille Plateaux

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