Mijk van Dijk-WonderfulDays-01cutEverybody’s streaming and so do I, every once in a while. My booking agency Classic DJ asked me to contribute to their Wonderful Rave program and so I played this vinyl DJ set straight from my living room, with only Mijk tracks from the past. With a few surprises, rarities, remixes I did, remixes I’ve received and of course some of the usual suspects, all glued together with two turntables and a mixer. Not just an ordinary mixer though, but the spankin’ new glorious Pioneer DJM-V10, that I reviewed already for Bonedo. Here’s my set for you to rewind. Enjoy!

Mijk plays Mijk for Wonderful Rave, April 25th 2020

I you prefer just audio, here’s my set on Mixcloud.

1. Microglobe – Pro-tection – MFS
2. Emmanuel Top – Detune My Fortune – Leaded
3. Mijk van Dijk – More – Superstition
4. Mijk’s Magic Marble Box – The Wildlife (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – S3
5. Mijk van Dijk – Fuchikoma – Kioon/Sony
6. Frankie Bones – My House Is Your House (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Bash Again
7. Mijk van Dijk – Nightride – Superstition
8. Mijk van Dijk – How Deep Is Your Love? – Superstition
9. Ultra-Takkyu vs Mijk-O-Zilla – Liquid – Frogman Records
10. Mijk van Dijk – Suck My Soul – Superstition
11. Mijk van Dijk with Toby Izui – Sneak Attack – Superstition
12. Mijk van Dijk with Claude Young – The Church of The Iron Fist – Superstition
13. Microglobe – The Gap (DJ Hell Remix) – MFS
14. Marmion – Schöneberg – Superstition
15. Denki Groove – Niji (Mijk van Dijk For Girls Remix) – MFS
16. Microglobe – High On Hope – MFS
17. Microglobe – High On Hope (Long Hot Summer Mix) – MFS

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