cover_jette von roth – meer (roter punkt 001)

The first release on roter punkt shows Jette von Roth’s second voice. So far she only has been known as the singer of German bands like Schiller and KayCee. Now she presents her first solo album and – it’s instrumental. Diving deep into an ocean of emotive sound. Jette solely translates the magic fragility of her beloved voice into a relaxed tension, that has always been the hallmark of great ambient music since the early 90s which is exactly the tradition she is picking up and leading further. The most amazing thing, however, is her ability to create such dense excellence already with her very first own production, conceived in her bed room studio. However there is one guest appearance on this album: our dear friend Harald Büchel aka Cosmic Baby played the beautiful piano on „meerfrau“.
Listen to meer and you will probably agree, that Jette von Roth is not just a fascinating singer, but an amazing musician with a unique vision. All in all: a true artist.

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