Fürstenberger Wohnzimmer 003, 2021-01-03Welcome to the third edition of my new radio show “Fürstenberger Wohnzimmer”, this time with a round-up of my favourite tunes from 2020. If there was something nice about 2020 it surely was a lot of good music. So I tried to make a continuous mix of the highlights of my monthly charted tunes and funny enough, often some tracks just develop over time.
For me my tune of the year was “Isolated” by Flug, released on the Reality EP on Suara in May 2020. Not only the title explains last year in a nutshell but also the deep sadness of the track together with the driving groove always made me feel very emotional when I got to play it on the rare occasions, when I actually played a live DJ set, may it be in front of a few people or in front of a streaming camera.
In the last part of this show I focused only on my own productions from 2020, including releases on Djungle Fever, Force Inc Music Works, mille plateaux, BluFin, City Gossip Neuhain, as well as on my own imprint microglobe.

1. Simon Berry – Pangolin (Satoshi Fumi Remix) – Platipus
2. Oliver Dollar & ADMN feat. Mr. V – Sanctuary – Industry Standard
3. King Cosmic – The Doves Of Love – Brique Rouge
4. Cinthie feat. Gilli.jpg – Calling – Aus Music
5. Magit Cacoon, Jos & Eli – Tropical Heart – Second State
6. Weltenstein – Reflex – Studio 3000
7. Martin Books – Trip – Carti
8. Ackermann – Stabilität – Uncaged
9. Radio Slave – Wait A Minute – Rekids
10. Mathias Kaden – Conviction – Rekids
11. Robert Hood – Falling Apart – Rekids
12. Sven von Thülen – Flow – DRED Records
13. Autotune – The Day Will Come – Dantze
14. Pan-Pot – Keid – Second State
15. Flug – Isolated – Suara
16. XAB – White Pearl – Trapez
17. Carl Bee – Trains – Break New Soil
18. Avision – Time Lapse – Ellum Audio
19. Mijk van Dijk – Thinking 4 U – microglobe
20. Khan & Walker – Schleichfahrt (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Djungle Fever
21. Mijk van Dijk – Security – Neuhain
22. Mijk van Dijk & Baby Doc – Teenage Tricks (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – BluFin
23. Galcid – Bucket Relay (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Force Inc Music Works
24. Marquardt – Just Realised (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – City Gossip
25. Mijk van Dijk & Henning Richter – Neutron – BluFin
26. Mijk van Dijk – Hoffnung Stirbt zuletzt – mille plateaux

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