USB stickI wrote an article for Bonedo about a phenomena that has been happening since years and that I also perceive in my own way of DJing: after years of laptops in the DJ booths, more and more DJs rediscover the joy of using the hardware players, that are supplied by the club. In the 90s, we brought our vinyl crate to the club, put the needle on the record and started to play. In the 00s more and more DJs used laptops and DVS technology. In the 10ths the paradigm is switching to the usage of Rekordbox-prepared USB sticks with Pioneer CDJs.
I interviewed some of my colleagues like Namito, Tanith, Stephan Bodzin, Wolle XDP, Kyodai, Jamie Anderson, Florian Meindl and asked also Native Instruments for a statement, very interesting.
I myself love to use all kind of media: CDJs with USB-Sticks for contemporary DJ sets, vinyl for classic sets and Traktor for experimental sets and my radioshow music 4 the microglobe.
What do you think about this?
The Bonedo article is in German language.

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