Mijk_KlangderFamilie1Just in case you are still looking for Christmas presents: why not give the gift of music history: oral history about the earliest years of Berlin Techno, right before and after the wall came down some 25 years ago. The fantastic book Der Klang der Familie named after the famous track by 3Phase feat. Dr. Motte has been finally translated into English. The book consists only of probably hundreds of  interviews that have been masterly combined by the authors Felix Denk and Sven von Thülen (aka Sven VT). Many celebrities and unknown heroes from days gone by tell their stories and unfold the magic and excitement of the birth of the Berlin Techno scene which has made today’s vibrant Berlin club scene possible. Yours truly was also asked to participate and share some memories.
Wanna have a taste? Here’s an excerpt on Pitchfork.com including an editorial and a YouTube playlist by DJ Rok.
And here’s a preview of the original English version of the book, also available as eBook.

BTW: When you’re on Facebook, follow Der Klang der Familie HERE. They bring constant updates about translations. 

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