Trommelmaschine Reconstructed 1When Andreas Krüger of Der Dritte Raum asked me for a remix of one of his tracks, I was of course very much tempted to pick his Über-Hit “Trommelmaschine”.
But listening once again to all those Der Dritte Raum tunes, I suddenly felt tempted to remix “Mechanoid” due to it’s delicate arpeggios and sounds. However I wanted to use them in a totally different way by fusing them with a  BoogieHouse beat.
Andreas had carefully resurrected or reconstructed the original sounds and it was a joy to browse through all the details of the original track. Playing around with those bits and pieces, I also tried things like changing the scale of certain elements and discovered that the Mechanoid arpeggio on half speed reminded me of the intro of Duran Duran’s “Morning After”.
Hey presto, what a way to start that remix. I am very happy with the result and so was Andreas, who made sure to include it to the first remix package on last minute. Other remixes were provided by high profilic producers like Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda, Alexander Kowalski, Fenin, Index ID and Toby Dreher.
My only drawback is that the remix really does not live up to the original’s name: it’s everything but mechanical, it’s a melodic extravaganza floating over a boogie beat. I even feel it’s like a blueprint for my forthcoming productions in 2013. How do you like it?

Available now on all major download stores and Beatport.

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