WIRE13_Mijk+DaftyIt’s DAFTY days in my studio in Berlin-Schöneberg. Just recently I co-produced a track with them for Oiran Music, the new Japanese label established by Venus, the owner of Oiran, my favourite bar in Tokyo. It’s called “Oiran-dochu” and is a celebration of going out, meeting people, having fun.
The lyrics have been written by Venus and the song should be out in Japan before summer 2014.
And now I just finished my remix for DAFTYs single “Sushi Train”.
What? You haven’t heard about DAFTY yet?
Now let me change that!
DAFTY are Vivi and Mimi from Tokyo/ Japan. They  are not your ordinary J-Pop girl outfit but a cool and edgy electronic duo with crazy sounds and a laser show. They have their first self-entitled album out and a smashing video for their single “Sushi Train”, filmed on loaction in Shibuya.

Not only do they perform all the instruments on their own but they also do all the recording and production. And these girls cannot just share tips about make-up, but also about their favourite plugins. Pssst, it’s a secret!

No secret is that they love little noisy boxes like the JMT Synth range from Japan.
I met them for the first time around the time when I played at WIRE13, of course Toby Izui introduced us at Oiran. Being a regular Oiran customer like them, we would bump into each others ever again and so a collaboration was born.
On this movie you can see me in their studio checking out their incredible and unique laser harp, which is a central part of their live show. When I was in Tokyo in November 2013, they invited me to their studio over the roofs of Shibuya to let me test it. It’s not as easy as it may look.

As you can see, I don’t get the timing right at all. Now let Vivi and Mimi show you how it’s really done.

When I played in Tokyo again in January 2014, this was the perfect opportunity to record their vocals for our “Oiran-dochu” track. Their studio is a fine example of effectivity in small Japanese spaces and a breathtaking view over Shibuya. Recording their vocals was a breeze and back home in Berlin I would complete the production.

Still wanna know more about DAFTY?
OK, let them teach you stupid Japanese and subscribe to their YouTube channel.
Me, I’m out! 😉

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