Japan City Pop Vol1_+10kToday I noticed that for the first time one of my  Mixcloud sets scored over 10.000 listeners with over 103.750 minutes listening time. That’s truly amazing!
Domo-arigato gozaimashita to all who have been listening and supporting my humble dedication to Japan City Pop of the 80s, a genre which I fell in love with years ago and which I have been crate-digging during my last tours to Japan. Also thanks to electronic beats for mentioning my mix on their webzine and all of you who have been sharing and recommending it to your friends.
Mijk and Robert crate digging in TokyoFinally thanks to my dear friends Toby Izui and Robert Palmer from Tokyo for helping me dig in the right places to find those true gems of Japan City Pop on vinyl and to the patient staff at Jet Set Records, City Country CIty Records, Next Records, Ella Records, Recofan and all those Diskunion stores I’ve been raiding over the past years. 
I’m truly genki and I guess I need to mix Japan City Pop Volume 2 for you very soon!!!

Mijk van Dijk presents Japan City Pop of the 80s

1. Jadoes – Friday Night Story – Columbia
2. Junko Ohashi – Dancin’ – Philips
3. Hitomi Tohyama – Wanna Kiss – Columbia
4. Cosmos – Midnight Shuffle – Canyon
5. Mariya Takeuchi – Plastic Love – Moon Records
6. Katsumi Horii Project – Hot Is Cool – Air Records
7. Junko Yagami – Imagination – Moon Records
8. Minako Yoshida – Town – Alfa Records
9. Myx – Dance (Everybody Get Up) – Invitation
10. Toshiki Kadomatsu – If You Wanna Dance Tonight – Air Records
11. Vizion – Somebody’s Getting To You – Rio.Star Records
12. Yurie Kokubu – Just A Joke – Air Records
13. Yoko Oginome – Is It True – Victor
14. Tatsuro Yamashita – Silent Screamer – Air Records
15. Taeko Ohnuki – 4:00 AM – RCA
16. Tatsuro Yamashita – Sparkle – Air Records
17. Makoto Matsushita – Love Was Really Gone – Air Records

Mijk cratedigging in Tokyo

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