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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Berlin, Blog, Mijk van Dijk, Motherfunk /, Radio | 0 comments

motherfunk on

Hah, don’t worry, I am not gonna move my monthly NuFunk/ Boogie show motherfunk from to another radio station. But I would like to recommend an iPhone app here. As most of you might already know, is a web based radio that you cannot receive on your old AM/FM radio set. Yet!
But from now on, I have my AM/FM radio always in my pocket, with this nice new app called
In the free version you can decide for one city of your choice (which is of course Berlin in my case) and listen to all the stations from that city. All the stations are located on the FM range where you would find them also on your ordinary AM/FM radio. And guess what: on the far left of the Berlin section, there is our very own station, playing electronic music far from the ordinary 24 hours a day. And home of yours truely motherfunk.
So make sure to get the app until July 18th and dial in at 18h CET for episode #33 of my show.
To listen to the last (and all past) episodes go HERE!