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Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Where’s the referee when politicians play foul?

Red CardIt’s the World Cup in Brazil.
Everybody’s watching football (yes, including yours truly).
Nobody’s watching the politicians.
And what are they doing?
They are passing all the laws, that they don’t want us to know about and protest against.
They pass them secretly in a couple of minutes.
They pass them, while the most exiting matches are happening, with only a handful of politicians present.
It very much looks like they do so on purpose.
In Germany it was:
2006 during World Cup in Germany: the consumption tax is raised from 16% to 19%.
2010 during World Cup in South Africa: health insurance is raised from 14,9% to 15,5%
2012 during Euro Cup in Poland/ Ukraine: a new registration law is passed that allows the authorities to pass personal citizen data to companies and data merchants.
2014 during World Cup in Brazil: what’s next? TIPP? Fracking?
We better watch our politicians and the free press must do so too.
Enjoy football but don’t let the politicians play foul.
Read >>THIS<<, if you can read German: