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Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in Berlin, Blog, Mijk van Dijk, Radio | 0 comments

Telepathic Bubblebath Radio

MvD_LSBAs a member of the Liquid Sky Berlin artist collective it’s my pleasure to present the fantastic new website of Telepathic Bubblebath radio.
Telepathic Bubblebath is a modern platform for futuristic radio-culture, experimental music and abstract sound-designs – streamed 24 / 7 in the beloved interwebz but also broadcasted on “real” air / radiofrequencies via our partner-radiostations which get parts of their night-program from us in real time.
All DJ mixes you hear are xclusively made for TPBB. A lot of the tracks are exclsuively produced for TPBB and not available on any other streaming platform or onlineshop.
The telepathic bubblebath radiostream is 100% free of advertisment.
If you own a radiostation and want to broadcast parts of the TPBB shows or if you are an experimental sound-artist and want to get featured & broadcasted on TPBB you can contact the Telepathic Bubblebath crew HERE!

To celebrate this, here’s my DJ Set at Berlin from 2015-09-19.

Please don’t expect pumping beats: when I play Ambient Electronica I totally free my mind from rocking a dancefloor.
I dive into sounds, rhythm and noises, remodel them in speed and pitch, deconstruct them with the endless possibilities of modern DJ software (Traktor) and set sail for a journey to yet undiscovered territory.
This mix is very dark-hearted and gloomy. Do you dare to join me?

P.S.: STEMS and Remix Packs used by Liquid Sky Berlin, SFX and Native Instruments

And psssst: there’s gonna be a smartphone app too! 😉