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Posted by on May 11, 2014 in Ambient Electronica, Blog, Genre, Jette von Roth, Labels, Projects & Co-Productions, roter punkt | 0 comments

Sunday Music: Jette von Roth – Die See im Sinn

seebottle3I would like to take the opportunity of today’s edition of Sunday Music to celebrate the official video release of Die See im Sinn. This great ambient tune was taken from the no less great album komische welt by Jette von Roth, who celebrated her birthday just two days ago.
Happy Birthday, Jette!
As some of you might now, she is not just my dear partner at our little digital ambient label roter punkt but also my beloved wife and mother of our two lovely kids (hey, it’s Mother’s Day today as well! 🙂 ).
The idea for this video was conceived by Jette herself and filmed and edited by our friend Gernot Tögel aka Gernoto. The main actor of the video is our son Enjo who is dreaming about the ocean and decides to express his vision with a message in a bottle. And there is also a very short cameo appearance of Jette in the video. Since I was involved in the making of this video only as the car driver and cable guy, I may legitimately say that I am totally in love with the dreamy atmosphere of it which totally matches the beautiful and fragile mood of Jette’s music.

If you like to hear more music by Jette von Roth for your head cinema, check her Soundcloud page for komische welt or her first album meer. On each of the albums you will also find a collaboration with our dear friend Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby.
Wanna keep it forever? Get komische welt on iTunes and meer on iTunes or Beatport or your favourite download store.
Please excuse this shameless promotion, but yep, we’ll be able to pay tomorrow’s breakfast then. 😉

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