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I did this DJ Mix for “Liquid Sky Berlin presentzzz”, the radio show by the Liquid Sky Berlin posse on Alex Berlin radio 91,00 FM on March 3rd to celebrate “303-Day”.

Here is finally the August episode of my radio show music 4 the microglobe. This is episode 41, syndicated to BLN.fm with German presentation and cuebase.fm and XLTRAX in English presentation.

Happy to present the July episode of my radio show music 4 the microglobe- This is already episode 40 and will be syndicated to BLN.fm with German presentation and cuebase.fm and XLTRAX in English presentation.

Football fever and terror threats, should we cheer or should we cry? Mijk van Dijk gives you music 4 the micro globe, music for all people, regardless of nation, race, religion or sexual orientation. Deep, profound, sentimental and powerful

Music 4 The Microglobe is back with presentation  in German language on BLN.fm after a 3-months-break due to BLN.fm moving their studios. Mijk’s show will be aired as usual on every third Thursday of the month at 18:00h CET.

Thunder & sunshine,  night & day, music 4 the microglobe in April is as diverse as the April weather. With my favourite Techno tunes of the last month

music 4 the microglobe is back with another episode of dark and moody music in times of unrest and tension. Also introducing my first release in 2016, a mix for Superstrobe’s The Future on BluFin Records.

As a member of the Liquid Sky Berlin artist collective it’s my pleasure to present the fantastic new website of Telepathic Bubblebath radio. Telepathic Bubblebath is a modern platform for futuristic radio-culture,

„When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around.“ That’s not my rhyme, but what The Police sang back in 1980 on their Zenyatta Mondatta album.

Mad Max invited me for an interview for his show Maschine brennt on my home radio station BLN.fm (that’s where you can listen to my monthly radio show music 4 the microglobe with German presentation every 3rd Thursday of the month, folks…).

  Somehow 2016 feels vicious so far: public icons die at the age of 69, war and terror everywhere, the gaps are widening between the rich and the poor, North and South, East and West

Mijk van Dijk presents the Xmas 2015 edition of his radio show music 4 the microglobe on BLN.fm, cuebase-fm and XLTRAX.com, as well as on Mixcloud and hearthis.