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The Chaenge

The Chaenge is Mijk’s NuFunk duo with Florian Schirmacher, the charismatic singer and co-producer of bands like Glowing Glisses, Wareika, Federleicht, well as releasing with André Galuzzi and Guido Schneider on labels such as Cadenza and Cocoon. Different from these releases, that gained him big respect from DJs and music lovers, with The Chaenge Florian totally exhibits his funky side and shows what a great singer he is.

The Chaenge live

In the advent of the forthcoming debut album of The Chaenge, the duo of Florian Schirmacher and Mijk van Dijk you can catch a glimpse and things to come on this video taken on their live performance at Zur Seuten Deern in the heart of the infamous Reeperbahn in Hamburg. Introducing Catharina Behr on Drums.

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The Chaenge – Rebellion – FormResonance 010 (Album)

The Chænge is a dynamic NuFunk duo from Germany. Singer and keyboarder Florian Schirmacher is recently getting all deserved attention for his vocal-and-production work in projects like Wareika, Federleicht, Hatikvah, Glowing Glisses and Prime Origin, resulting in releases on labels such as Soma, Cadenza, Perlon, Cocoon, Connaisseur, liebe*detail and his very own Formresonance just to […]

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