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Now here’s a cool illustration how super continent Pangea would have looked like with today’s borders, 200 Million years ago. The idea of the continental drift always fascinated me, so no wonder that Pangea and illustrations of the drift phases were featured on the artwork of my first album Afreuropamericasiaustralica. Still love those graphics by artist Elsa […]

Now this was summer 2014. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Especially the last week was a nice payback for some unnecessary cold and rain before. 22 years ago around this time, I was waiting for the release of the Summer Remix EP of my Microglobe track High On Hope. And I […]

Environmental thinking is a big issue right now and most of us understand that we can‘t go on living how we are, wasting the many precious resources of our planet and leading irresponsible lifestyles.

Environ-Mental Recordings is a label from German techno producer Mijk van Dijk, also known as Microglobe. The label is designed to be a platform for digitally re-mastered 90s gems, which were only available as the physical copies on the MFS Berlin label in the 90s. Timeless music for the next generation freshly squeezed and re-mastered! […]