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I played live at the Old School Party Tekknozid last Saturday. So much love, so much sweat, it was just great! Thanks to Tekknozid head honcho Wolle XDP

The first single release „Perfect“ of a glow aka Jette von Roth and Mijk van Dijk is now remixed by their friends from the Liquid Sky Berlin collective.

a glow are singer/songwriter Jette von Roth and DJ/producer Mijk van Dijk from Berlin. Together they produce crackling campfire electronica. „perfect“ is the first single release

Now here’s a cool illustration how super continent Pangea would have looked like with today’s borders, 200 Million years ago. The idea of the continental drift always fascinated me, so no wonder that Pangea and illustrations of the drift phases were featured on the artwork of my first album Afreuropamericasiaustralica. Still love those graphics by artist Elsa […]

In 1991, a few years after I left Jetzt! (see my story about Jetzt! << here), Bernd Begemann asked me if we could record a song together. It was the year after the German reunification and German nationalist feelings started to grow again here and there. Bernd wanted to produce an electronic track in which he would caricature conservative […]

With a big smile, a deep joy and a certain pride I present you the DCC (German Club Charts) Bullets: with my Bleibtreu EP produced together with Rummy Sharma on the top position. This truely makes my day today. Thanks to Rummy Sharma and Andrea Engels (BluFin Records)

The track Herz was conceived by DJ Hell and Mijk van Dijk in 1994 and originally released on DJ Hell’s debut album Geteert und Gefedert on Disko B. It was produced in Mijk’s LoopLab in Berlin-Schöneberg, the same studio, where Microglobe’s album Afreuropamericasiaustralica and Marmion’s Schöneberg was produced and that you might know from the Berlin Techno […]

This is the video for Restless, one of three tracks on my forthcoming Bleibtreu EP on friendly BluFin Records from Cologne, produced together with my friend  Rummy Sharma from India. All tracks have been produced in New Delhi and Berlin, either physically sitting in the same studio or swapping files across the web.

Now this was summer 2014. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Especially the last week was a nice payback for some unnecessary cold and rain before. 22 years ago around this time, I was waiting for the release of the Summer Remix EP of my Microglobe track High On Hope. And I […]

This is a fine example of our fast and forward internet society: produced in New Delhi and Berlin, either physically sitting in the same studio or swapping files across the web, my friend Rummy Sharma from India and myself produced 3 tracks, that will be released in late September on friendly BluFin Records from Cologne.

Between my fingers you can see the golden deer at Volkspark Schöneberg which was featured on the cover of the 2010 remixes of Marmion’s classic Schöneberg. Now 20 years after the original release of the track by Marcos López and myself on Superstition Records, it sounds fresh as ever.

When I was working with DJ Hell on several common productions in 2007, I suddenly heard bells in my mind. This happens quite often in totally different situations: suddenly a sound or a melody strikes my mind like a comet and I wonder where I know this from. Those heavy dark bells would not leave […]