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Mijk van Dijk’s Microglobe


Femme (Short Movie) by Carl Finkbeiner

This is the short movie Femme by Carl Finkbeiner. I did the original soundtrack in 1997.

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Marmion Australia Tour 1996

In November 1996 I toured with my Marmion partner Marcos López through Australia, playing Marmion shows in Brisbane, Adelaide,  Melbourne and Sydney.

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Escape To Trancyberia

Escape To Trancyberia – Studio !k7

This was one of the first projects of Studio !k7: the experimental computer-animated movie Escape To Trancyberia, which was released on VHS Video on September 18th 1995.

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Mijk van plays “Schöneberg” live on German TV (1994)

Marcos López and me were invited to disucss and perform in the music show Eurotops on East-German TV channel MDR. The topic was dance music and how people interact with it. Another guest was Frank Farian, producer of Boney M, Milli Vanilli, and others. Riding high on the wave of success of our Marmion smasher Schöneberg […]

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Marmion – Berlin EP – Superstition 004

In 1993, my friend Marcos Lopez and me composed a classic which two decades later still spreads ecstasy and goose bumps on the dance floors around the world. The Marmion Berlin EP was composed and produced in my studio in Schöneberg and hence one tune was in fact called “Schöneberg”.

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Classic Mijk van Dijk Interview with Marcos López on DT64

Little did Mijk van Dijk and Marcos López know back in 1992 that they would only one year later release an EP with a track called Schöneberg which would stand as a classic of Techno music even decades later. In 1992 Mijk had just released his first EPs and in conjunction with Cosmic Baby produced […]

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Alec Empire & Mijk van Dijk live on DT64

At the end of 1991, East-German youth radio DT64 did a 24-hour-radio show called “The Night Of The DJs”, hosted by DT64s Techno anchor people Marusha and Marcos Lòpez. Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot and me would often hang together, copying safety backups of our latest productions on DAT tapes (we had only one DAT […]

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